Covid 19

Since the lockdown, winter fell and learners will be required to wear winter uniform.

sCool Stuff intends to introduce the following measures to prevent concourse of children and parents after the lock down measures are eased and before the schools reopen:

  • We will only allow one parent to accompany the child/children in need of school wear;
  • We will be extending our business hours for said period from 07h00 to 20h00;
  • Only 2 customers will be allowed inside the shop at any time;
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the door for public use;
  • All customers will be screened for a fever.

Please assist us in our humble attempt to curb the risk of spreading the virus.

Mask Information

  • Our masks comply with the specifications dated 17 April 2020 as set by Government
  • We use polyester (light weight and breathable)
  • Our masks are washable and does not wrinkle
  • Masks are formed and made in three different sizes (small, medium & large) and ties with elastic around the head
  • The masks cover the mouth (it extends well beyond the chin)
  • The nose is covered and apart from the formed design, we insert a support which tightly and uniquely fits around the bridge of the nose
  • The nose support reduces the risk of spreading the virus through the gaps on either side of the nose
  • The support also minimizes the possibility of fogging glasses
  • The inner layer of the 2 ply polyester masks are fused with 35gm non-woven(third layer) on the inside as a standard feature
  • Apart from these 3 layers our design allows for the insert of an additional filter of choice and can be inserted after every wash or as often as one desires. Not included
  • Polypropeline, vilene, “wet wipes” to paper towel can be used as filters
  • Our masks are breathable and comfortable
  • Price: R35-00 – R45-00

PLEASE NOTE we can assist with branded face masks (quantities = > 100) – Do not hesitate to contact us in this regard

Mask Using Instructions

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Insert a filter of your choice (if you are moving/working around high risk areas) with a fourth layer
  • Tie the elastic band at the desired length behind the neck and fit the mask on your face
  • Once you have put the mask on your face, use both index fingers to shape the mask around the nose
  • Do not touch the mask or your face whilst wearing it
  • Remove the mask by sliding the elastic band off your head
  • Remove the additional filter (if applicable) and immediately dispose of it or re-use after washing
  • Wearing a mask is part of a holistic process to curb the spreading of the virus