At sCool Stuff we respect your privacy and with the new Protection of Personal Information Act, which came into effect on 1 July 2021, we want to be sure we are compliant.

We will store your personal information electronically in a centralized data base, which, for operational reasons, will be accessible to all within the Organization on a need to know and business basis, save that where appropriate, some of your personal information may be retained in hard copy.

We will ensure that your personal information which provide to us will be held and/or stored securely.

Once your personal information is no longer required since the purpose for which the personal information was held has come to an end and has expired, such personal information will be safely and securely archived for such periods as may be required by any law applicable in South Africa.

Thereafter we will ensure that such personal information is permanently destroyed.

sCool Stuff uses various platforms to inform you about our products.

With the new act, sCool Stuff would like to ensure all of our customers are still interested in receiving this information. If your answer is YES, there is no need for any action. However, if your answer is NO, please leave the page or group on which you receive this information. If you receive information via SMS and wish to be removed from our SMS-list, please send us an email to info@scoolstuff.co.za with your request to be removed.

You may opt-out at any time you wish.

We believe every one understands and will help us in this regard.